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Austin, Texas 78734
Phone: (512) 262-6100

Paul Tompkins: opi_houston1@comcast.net

OPI specializes in providing equipment to the drilling industry: Rig Floor Equipment, Servicing Downhole Tools in the shop, Offshore Drilling, Directional Drilling, Construction Drilling, Mining Downhold Tools, Wire Line, Shop Use, and Water Well Applications.

Hydraulic Tubing Tongs

Hydraulic Power Units

Spinner King

Kelly Spinners

63000 Torque Wrenches

Horizontal Makeup/Breakout Spinout Units

Break In Drillpipe

OPI manufactures parts for the following O.E.M. parts
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  • Varco SSW-10 Drillpipe Spinner
  • Varco SSW-20 Drillpipe Spinner
  • Varco SSW-30 Drillpipe Spinner
  • National Oilwell-Varco(NOV) IR-3080 Iron Roughneck
  • National Oilwell-Varco(NOV) ST-80 Iron Roughneck
  • Hawk Industries J-29 Drillpipe Spinner

    Underground Construction : December 2003

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